After The Storm – How To Repair The Damage

After The Storm – How To Repair The Damage

It’s summertime but the living isn’t always easy. Summer storms can be fast and severe. Tornados, tropical storms, thunderstorms that sometimes bring hail: they can wreak havoc on your plans and your property. If you find yourself seeking auto dent removal lakewood co after the latest hailstorm, read on for tips on getting your house back in order.

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Water can rise fast in flash flooding from summer storms. When the floodwaters start to rise, barricade doors if possible. Turn off the electric and gas. Move furniture and pictures to an upper floor, if you have one. Once the water has entered your house, watch for snakes and other wild animals that may have been swept inside. Do not attempt to walk through rushing water. Once floodwaters have receded, then the real work begins. Wear protective clothing, safety goggles and a breathing mask. Shovel out any mud that is left behind. Remove soaked wallboard and insulation. Use a bleach solution to clean all surfaces like floors and cabinets. Use an all-purpose detergent to clean fabrics. Household powdered cleaners can help remove greasy residue.

Broken Glass

First, make sure the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside. Wear shoes and walk carefully through areas of broken glass. Contact your insurance company. Take pictures. Carefully sweep up broken glass from walkways. Cover windows with plastic or plywood to prevent further damage and keep out uninvited guests. Consider replacing with weather resistant windows or covering with a hurricane film. If you live in an area with frequent severe storms, you may also want to install storm shutters to cover and protect the windows during storms.

When Mother Nature shows her fury, don’t despair. It may take some time and professional assistance but you can get your belongings cleaned, repaired and back in working order. 

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