Help with your CBT test

Help with your CBT test

When in the UK and you not only want to ride but also own a moped, scooter, or motorbike you have to pass the government lawed exam required for all two-wheel riders called the Compulsory Basic Training (cbt) course.

This test can be vigorous and daunting unless you have a passion for biking then it can be a bit easier but it is a legal necessity if you want to ride it on any public road in the UK.

If tests or exam makes you feel uneasy or nervous just follow a few easy steps that will Help with your CBT test.


*take it easy
*contrary to popular belief it’s not a test per se
*do not stress if you do not pass first time, as you
can come back another day to redo it
*you will not be prevented from taking it again
*if you do not complete it, you can also come back
within a certain period to complete it
*that’s why we say no stress and take it easy
*you will receive a certificate once you pass the
test and if the instructor feels confident in your
*know the theory
*the test is there not just to see if you can ride
safely and skillfully but also if you know the
theory behind traffic rules and laws
*also know the highway codes and several others
needed by law especially relating to the two-wheeled
*you will also be tested on your ability to predict
other road users action and avoid any reckless
decisions (defensive riding)
*always remember the riding test will be observed in
all types of scenarios
*therefore knowing all the skills and regulations
well before doing your test
*know your motorbike beforehand inside and out
*part of your test is where the instructor will teach you about the bike and if you don’t know anything about the bike, the instructor’s words will go over your head
*so prepare, so not to be overwhelmed in any way
*the test is divided in five sections
*1 intro and eyesight test
*2 on-site training
*3 on-site riding
*4 on-road training
*5 on-road riding

So even though it is government regulations to be certified before you can ride or own a two-wheeler, it is there to train you to be a safer rider whether for leisure or work.

The last word is: good luck and enjoy!

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