Learn To Ride At Motoden

Learn To Ride At Motoden

The scooter and motorcycling worlds seem to move on a different plane than that of the automobile. Wide open trails which are barred to the average motorist call out to the motorcyclist for exploration.
However, with the freedom of spirit afforded by the world of two wheels, come different skills, laws, and regulations that need to be learned. The laws regarding scooters and motorcycles are strict, and those who indulge in the scooter and motorcycle world need not only know the rules and codes, but must learn an entire skill set as well. In London, Motoden is providing single day courses in riding. These courses are conducted 7 days a week, and cost anywhere from £130.00 to £140.00, and will teach you everything you need to know in order to start riding.

Here is what you need in order to begin riding a scooter:

– Successful Car Test

* If you have successfully taken a car test after February 2013, you may ride a 49cc moped and have a passenger

* L plates are not required

* Your speed is restricted to 30mph

A 16-year old who has passed a CBT and has a provisional license may ride a 49cc scooter or motorcycle. However, he or she will be restricted from motorways and carrying a passenger, must display L plates, and can go no faster than 30mph.

A Compulsory Basic Training course, or CBT, is needed for new riders

For those who want to begin riding a motorcycle, the rules are different. For instance, the CBT is mandatory, and you will need a UK driving license, or a provisional license. Those who are aged 17 and over will be allowed to ride a scooter or motorcycle of up to 125cc, but are forbidden from motorways, may not carry passengers, and must display L plates. The duration of this entitlement is two years.

You may take a CBT course if you have passed a car test after February 2013. This will entitle you to operate a restricted 49cc motorcycle or scooter. You may carry a passenger, and L plates will not be required.

The rules and regulations for riding scooters and motorcycles are both numerous and strict. However, with this being said, there are still three more elements to becoming qualified for riding a motorcycle or scooter before you can do so without restrictions and L plates. These must be completed before the two-year duration of your CBT runs its limit. These requirements are the following:

* Motorcycle Theory Test
* Module One Practical Test
* Module Two Practical Test

If you want to learn to ride scooters or motorcycles, it’s important to understand that they are powerful machines which leave the rider exposed in traffic. The rules and regulations are intended for the operator’s utmost safety. Great responsibility comes with the freedom to ride the open spaces on a motorcycle or scooter. During your travels on a bike, all of the training and education will serve you in good stead. Motoden will be with you each step of the way in order to ensure that you complete all needed qualifications for safe and legal scooter and motorcycle riding.

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