Learn To Ride Your Motorcycle Or Scooter At Motoden In London

Learn To Ride Your Motorcycle Or Scooter At Motoden In London

The world of motorcycles and scooters appears to move on a vastly different plane from that of automobiles. While the average motorist lacks access to wide open fields, motorcyclists are free to explore this terrain and more.

However, although two-wheels afford far more freedom of spirit, there are also different regulations, rules, laws and skills that must be learned. Motorcycle and scooter laws are quite strict and thus, people who ride them must adapt an entirely new set of skills. Motoden of London offers single-day courses in motorcycle and scooter riding. Offered seven days per week and costing between £130.00 and £140.00, these classes will help you learn to ride while teaching you everything you need to now.

To Start Riding A Scooter You Will Need The Following

– To Successfully Complete The Car Test

* If you’ve managed to successfully complete the car test any time after February 2013 then you are legally able to ride 49cc moped and can carry a passenger

* You do not need L plates

* Your maximum speed is restricted to 30 mph

16-year-olds who have passed their CBTs and have provisional licenses can legally ride a 49cc motorcycle or scooter. They are not, however, allowed to carry a passenger, they cannot ride on motorways, they must have L plates properly displayed, and they cannot travel beyond 30 mph.

CBT Or Compulsory Basic Training Is Necessary For All New Riders

For any individual who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle, the rules may differ. For example, Compulsory Basic Training or CBT is a mandatory prerequisite, along with either a provisional license or a UK driving license. Riders or perspective riders who are age 17 and above can ride scooters or motorcycles up to 125cc, but they may not carry any passengers or use the motorways, and they must have their L plates displayed. This entitlement lasts two full years.

If you’ve passed your car test after February 2013, you can take a CBT course. This will enable you to operate a restricted 49cc scooter or motorcycle. You won’t need to display L plates and you’ll have the ability to carry a passenger.

There are a number of regulations and rules concerning the operation of motorcycles and scooters and many of these are quite strict. Understanding this fact, there are three more things that are necessary for being qualified to ride a scooter or motorcycle without the need to display L plates and without restrictions. You will need to complete these requirements before the duration of your Compulsory Basic Training runs its two-year limit. These requirements are:

* Taking and passing your Motorcycle Theory Test

* Completing the Module One Practice Test

* Completing the Module Two Practice Test If you’re ready to learn to ride motorcycles or scooters, you should start by understanding that these machines are powerful and that they leave those who ride them open and exposed to traffic. The regulations and rules that exist are for the safety and protection of operators. The freedom to travel open spaces comes with tremendous responsibility. When you travel on your bike, all of the education and training you’ve received will help keep you safe. Motoden will travel with you the whole way to make sure that you successfully meet all of the qualifications for legal and safe motorcycle and scooter operation.

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