Motorcycle Training – an Overview

Motorcycle Training – an Overview

London Motorcycle Training can help you to get the skills and experience you need to ride safely and comfortably down the highway, a feeling like no other!


Some familiarity with the Highway Code is a must, along with the ability to ride a regular bicycle. If your plan is riding a bigger and more powerful motorcycle, you’ll need to be aged between 17 and 24; otherwise be at least 17 to ride a smaller bike. And you’ll need to have a valid EU issued licence or a valid UK issued driving licence, although this can be provisional. Bring your photo ID if you still have the old fashioned paper licence.

Step 1: Schedule your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course

Expect to pay between £99 and £129 to take this course, which is required for anyone intending to ride a motorcycle. The certification is only applicable to the type of bike you take the test on, so if you take it on a 125cc motorized scooter, which many riders find easier, your certification then only covers that type of bike.

Step 2: Pass your motorcycle theory test

Look for a practice or sample exam on one of several websites; that way you get a good idea of what to expect and what you may be asked. The written test will be taken at your local DVSA centre. Don’t stress over this test as it really isn’t that difficult!

Step 3: Book a couple of practical training days

It will cost you just £175 per day at the London Motorcycle Training centre. Not only does this include professional and expert training and the use of a bike for the day, but also your gloves rental, fuel, helmet and insurance, as well as VAT. At this point, it’s time to choose the type of motorcycle licence you need:

To ride a 125cc automatic scooter and other smaller motorcycles, you’ll need an A1 light motorcycle licence. Must be aged at least 17.

If you’re 19 or over and want to drive any motorcycle under 47 bhp or 35kw, you are probably interested in the A2 restricted licence.

And to legally ride any bike, as long as you’re at least 24 years old, the unrestricted A licence is what you need.

It’s a good idea to start out at the level you’re comfortable at, as each licence can be scaled to the next level up. After this training is completed, your instructor can tell you if you’re ready for the practical exam, or whether more training is recommended.

Step 4: Take the practical tests

It costs £15 to take the Module 1, the first test, and emergency stopping, swerving and other off road skills are covered. If your bike size means you need to be accompanied by an instructor, it’s an additional £125. Between taking this test and taking the next one, you can book further training sessions if you like.

In module 2, an examiner follows you on your bike as you take the test. If you need to be escorted during the test, it costs £125, otherwise just £75. Contact London Motorcycle Training today to begin your bike adventure!

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