NITIC Truck Insurance Review

NITIC Truck Insurance Review

No matter if you are an independent trucker or part of a fleet company with trucks, truck insurance is essential to protecting yourself against liability as well as providing protection for cargo that needs special handling. Furthermore, this coverage helps cover costly incidents caused by larger and heavier vehicles.

For commercial truck insurance, the top companies boast strong reputations and financial strength, are capable of reliably settling claims, offer excellent customer service, and high-risk coverage.


NITIC Insurance Company provides truck coverage for many different kinds of trucks and provides discounts and a flexible policy. One of their unique services includes comprehensive dump truck insurance which covers damage caused by uninsured drivers as well as theft. Their theft coverage also pays for replacement costs of stolen items. Should an accident occur and damage your truck beyond repair, collision coverage can cover repairs.

Sentry offers standard commercial truck insurance policies such as primary liability and has built an outstanding customer service reputation. As an American Trucking Association member and with in-house claims adjusters that specialize exclusively in trucking insurance and an established network of agents who specialize in it.

Owner-operators who own their vehicles typically can negotiate more competitive rates with motor carriers than those leasing their vehicle(s). To protect themselves when using their truck for personal purposes such as shopping groceries, driving maintenance needs or washing it, owner-operators should purchase non-trucking liability coverage which protects them when using it for such activities as grocery shopping, maintenance needs or washing the truck itself.


The company has an established history of offering customized insurance policies tailored specifically for trucking service providers of all sizes. Coverage options range from non-trucking liability, physical damage and cyber damage – customers can select the one that best meets their needs while being assigned a local agent who can explain all contract details.

Sentry Insurance rates may be slightly higher than the national average, but they provide comprehensive protection for trucking businesses and their drivers. They offer discounts for for-hire drivers with clean driving records or owner-operators with more than two years of business experience, as well as offering special rates to help those with prior claims return quickly to the road.

The company boasts strong financial ratings and is known for providing excellent customer support and claim handling, giving their policyholders the advantage of reporting claims 24/7 through either an online portal or by telephone.


OOIDA is the only national organization dedicated to representing professional truck drivers. As its members have direct access to legislators for voice their opinions and express any concerns, the Association provides valuable resources and information. With membership spanning all 50 states and Canada OOIDA offers savings from more than 90 equipment manufacturers for its members.

As part of its array of services, the Association provides truck insurance. Their liability coverage meets all legal obligations for owner-operators who lease trucks as well as truckers who haul exempt commodities. Furthermore, trailer interchange and clean-up coverage is also included in their offerings.

OOIDA members receive free Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage of $1,000; additional coverage can be purchased at low monthly rates. In addition, members enjoy various other benefits like identity theft resolution and travel assistance services from the Association as well as competitive supplemental disability plans available exclusively for its membership.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power was founded in 1968 and is widely recognized for its automotive consumer-research ratings. These studies provide valuable insights into how consumers perceive various companies, which in turn can help companies improve their products or services. J.D. Power operates globally as a marketing information services company which analyzes feedback across several other industries such as insurance, financial services, home electronics and travel.

Over five decades later, this company remains a trusted source of industry data. Their surveys and reports use independent information collected from verified product or service owners, which allows the company to compile rankings, reviews and reports across multiple industries.

Customers can gain valuable information from these reports, which are usually freely accessible to the public. Ratings are determined through customer satisfaction surveys and may provide details about policy options, pricing and claims processing – Bankrate frequently makes use of J.D. Power life insurance studies when comparing carriers.

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