Tips for Renting Your First Apartment

Tips for Renting Your First Apartment

Congratulations! You have found your first apartment, signed the lease, put down the deposit and are anxiously awaiting move-in day. Before you move everything in, remember to do these three things as soon as possible so you can set up your new home and relax and enjoy it.

Walk-Through and Document

While it is easy to overlook this first step, you will greatly appreciate it whenever you choose to move out of the apartment. Whether you move out in one year, two years, or five years, doing an initial walk-through before you start moving your possessions in will ensure you are only held responsible for damages during your tenancy and not from previous tenants. Look at each room of your apartment and note any existing damage or issues and take photographs if possible. There are helpful checklists available online to help you make sure you do not miss anything. Make sure to send a copy to your landlord and request a signature from them.

Apartment Insurance

No one likes to think of those worst-case scenarios when it comes to renting an apartment but finding apartment insurance Lodi CA is imperative to avoid financial stress with emergencies. Apartment insurance covers all of your belongings and medical bills for anyone within your apartment who becomes injured. Examples of situations that could arise include fire and smoke damage, lightning strikes, wind damage, burglary or vandalism. Apartment insurance is a small monthly payment that will give you peace of mind and prevent financial stress in the future should something unforeseen happen.


Look over your lease or confirm with your landlord which utilities are your responsibility and any that are covered by the landlord. For the utilities that are you responsible for, make sure to call each company and make sure they are currently in your name and turned on by your move-in date. Even if they are working when you move-in, it is legally your responsibility to put them in your name. 

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