Tips For Selling Your Old Bike Online

Tips For Selling Your Old Bike Online

Selling your old bike online is an effective way to generate some extra income or create extra space in the garage, but you should keep some key factors in mind before doing so.

Make sure that the photos of your bike are clear and well-lit; buyers are highly visual creatures, so an attractive photo will make your bike even more enticing to potential buyers.


If your bike is collecting dust in your garage, selling it could be a good way to bring in extra cash. From excellent condition bikes to those needing minor repair work, there are various online platforms where you can sell it and make some extra cash!

Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace all provide excellent venues to list your used bike. Though competition can be fierce, you can increase your chances of selling by uploading multiple photographs and writing an informative description.

As with any transaction, honesty is of utmost importance when selling your bike on Craigslist. Buyers will notice if you try to hide damage, which could prompt a dispute or return of the item later on. Also it is a good idea to meet buyers at a public location rather than your home; recent coverage has brought attention to Craigslist robberies; don’t become one! Also ensure payment method such as PayPal or bank transfer are used as these can provide reliable payment platforms.


eBay is an ideal auction platform to sell your bike. By posting listings that include several images and detailed descriptions, prospective buyers will have an easier time understanding both its condition and any upgrades it might possess.

Prior to selling your bike, it is wise to repair any visual or technical damage. By doing this, you may get more money from buyers while also preventing disputes over what one person perceives as “small scratches” being viewed by another as major dents.

If you decide to sell your bike at a pawn shop, be sure to reach out beforehand to determine what they offer for it and accept. Also check online whether PayPal or bank transfers are acceptable forms of payment as these could make selling simpler and faster. Finally, meet buyers in a public location such as police station parking lots so the sale can take place efficiently and successfully.

Free Classifieds

There are various online classifieds that provide ample exposure for selling a bike, though most will charge transaction fees and require you to arrange shipping which can be costly and time consuming.

Post your bike on local Facebook groups or forums for an audience more targeted to its needs. This can help reduce packing and shipping hassle, but may have mixed results.

Make sure to include detailed photos and a comprehensive description of your bike’s condition when selling. This will allow you to weed out low-ball offers or aggressive hagglers and develop an understanding of its true value. Research similar bikes sold recently in your area to get an idea of its worth; alternatively use Bicycle Blue Book’s free valuation tool which boasts an expansive database and user-friendly interface to quickly assess this process.

Local Dealers

Your garage, basement, or dining room only has so much room for all the bikes you have collected over time. When space becomes an issue it’s time to make room for new purchases by selling off some old ones to make room.

eBay is the go-to marketplace for second-hand bicycle sales, but you may also find local buyers on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Selling locally can save time on shipping fees while often fetching better offers for your bike.

Be sure to list any damage or wear and tear on the bike you’re selling; otherwise a buyer who suspects something amiss may file a dispute or refuse payment altogether.

When selling online, be sure to select only reputable sellers with secure payment systems such as wire transfers. Unscrupulous buyers who use these methods could leave you vulnerable – avoid pawn shops which buy items without guarantee of payment or delivery as these establishments often purchase as-is with no guarantee for payment or delivery.

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