Different Ways to Classify a Car Model

Different Ways to Classify a Car Model

Car models have various purposes and are designed to meet various users’ needs. Different models have different advantages. Models are also classified according to their performance, design, fuel efficiency, security and reliability. These factors influence the car models’ resale value. It is not easy to classify car models accurately as every model has features that cannot be compared with other models. Most car manufacturers use the same techniques to classify their models but it is the user who can classify the car models accurately based on the car’s specifications.

The model of a car refers to the name of a manufacturer gives to an array of identical cars manufactured at a specific year. The techniques used by most car makers to classify their product range from models to years ranges often vary between car manufacturers. Some manufacturers classify the model year starting from the first year of model release and others do it from the tenth year of release. A number of car manufacturers use very unique and rarely known techniques to classify their car models. Many of these techniques are used to create new car models.

The first technique used by most car makers to distinguish vehicles is to make use of internal classification. This technique involves the use of engine specifications that help differentiate vehicles of the same category by the size, engine displacement and other important technical specifications. This method sometimes proves to be very useful as it helps in maintaining consistency among cars of the same family.

The second technique that car models are classified is by use of exterior design features. Sometimes this is referred as style lines which are usually used to produce modern looking cars. These features include wide shoulders on both sides of the car, larger wheels with low ground clearance, sloping tires and rear wings that have prominent curvature. All these features give distinctive looks to different car models of the same series.

Identification of different car models also involves assigning a serial number to each car model. This is usually done on the cover which the vehicle is wrapped in. Most manufacturers assign a serial number to each vehicle in their range depending on the manufacturing year. The serial number can be seen on the dashboard in place of stylized engravings.

The last method that car models are classified is based on the trim. Cars are trimmed according to specific dimensions that help in making the car look sleek and aerodynamic. Often manufacturers use a tapered roller to shave off sharp edges and smooth out surfaces. This ensures that the vehicle retains a much cleaner and much more compact look. This reduces the risk of damage and thus car insurance costs.

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