The 7 Best Scrap Car Removals in Toronto: Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car Today!

The 7 Best Scrap Car Removals in Toronto: Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car Today!

You’re in luck if you want to eliminate an automobile that’s seen better days. Several junk vehicle removal services in Toronto would gladly remove your old car from your hands for a reasonable charge. How can you know which firm to trust when there are so many to pick from? You need not worry; everything will be taken care of. Listed here are the top seven companies in Toronto that will remove your scrap vehicle for cash.

1. Scrap Car Removal Toronto

Scrap Car Removal Toronto is the best option if you are looking for a business that has dealt with every imaginable type of junk automobile. They’ve been around for more than ten years and earned a reputation for paying the most money for junk automobiles. They will remove your vehicle the same day you call, and their towing services are free.

Business Information:


Telephone: +16477070252

Address: 321 Hansen Road North Brampton, Ontario L6V 2Y2

2. Cash for Scrap Cars

Another reliable business operating for over a decade is Cash for Scrap Cars. They pay top prices for junk cars and provide speedy, pleasant service. An estimate may be provided over the phone, and they offer free towing services.

Business Information:


Telephone: +16476318171

Address: 197 yonge street Apartment 1305 Toronto, Ontario M5B 0C1

3. GT Scrap Car Removal

GT Scrap Car Removal has served the GTA for over 15 years and is a family-run business. They give quick, affordable service on the same day you call and pay fair rates for junk automobiles. You may earn money by suggesting your friends and family use their services, which they offer as part of a referral program.

4. Canadian Auto Wreckers

For over 30 years, Canadian Auto Wreckers has provided a comprehensive junk automobile disposal service. They’ll tow your automobile for free and pay you cash for your non-running vehicle. Furthermore, they feature a parts department where you may get old auto components at low costs.

5. Junk Car Boys

Junk Car Boys is an excellent option if you’re trying to find an organization that cares about the planet. They pay top prices for environmentally friendly junk vehicle removal and recycling. As a bonus, they provide free towing and servicing the same day you call.

6. Toronto Scrap Car Removal

For over 15 years, Toronto residents have been able to rely on Toronto Scrap Car Removal. They pay competitive rates for junk automobiles and give free towing. Thanks to their handy online quotation system, you can acquire an estimate for your automobile without leaving your house.

7. Scrap Car Removal Mississauga

Scrap Car Removal Mississauga  is the place to go if you live in the area and want to get rid of a junk vehicle. They pay top prices for cars and process transactions quickly. They will remove your automobile the same day for free and offer free towing services.


There are several choices available to Toronto residents for discarding scrap automobiles. The challenge is finding a reliable business with competitive rates and years of expertise among the numerous available options. The seven firms presented above are among the best in their fields and will undoubtedly satisfy your needs.


In Toronto, what options do I have for getting rid of my old car?

Choosing a trustworthy and professional junk car removal business in Toronto that provides competitive pricing and free towing services is the best option for getting rid of your old vehicle.

How much do junkyards usually pay for an old automobile like mine?

The amount you can obtain for your old automobile is determined by several criteria, including the type and model of your vehicle, its condition, and the current market value for scrap metal. Yet, the businesses discussed in this piece provide reasonable rates and will give an accurate estimate based on the state of your vehicle.

When selling an automobile for junk, is it necessary to have the title in hand?

Usually, such is the case. If you want to sell your automobile for junk, you’ll need the title in your name. This is necessary because the firm hauling away your scrap vehicle will want proof that you are the rightful owner.

My automobile doesn’t operate, but I wondered if I could still sell it for scrap.

If your automobile doesn’t operate, don’t worry; you can still sell it for scrap. Regardless of whether or not the vehicle runs, many junk car removal services will buy it.

How long does it typically take to complete?

The steps required to sell your old vehicle will differ based on the scrap car buyer you go with and your vehicle’s state. Yet, most businesses provide emergency services and can haul away your vehicle the same day you call. In addition, some companies have an easy-to-use online quotation system so that you can acquire an estimate for your automobile in minutes.

Selling your scrap automobile in Toronto may be simple if you work with the proper firm. You can trust that you will get the most money for your car and the best service from one of the businesses recommended below. Don’t let that junk automobile sit in your driveway any longer call one of these services immediately to have it hauled away.

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