The Best Electric Trucks

The Best Electric Trucks

Are you considering switching over to zero-emission vehicles? Now is an excellent time. Zero emission trucks offer impressive performance and utility while simultaneously leaving behind less of an ecological footprint.

The 2023 Rivian R1T stands out from other electric pickups as an outstanding combination of performance, comfort and capability. Plus it looks fantastic without resorting to showy displays of strength or boastfulness to draw people’s attention.

Bollinger B2

Are You Searching for an Electric Truck? Consider Bollinger B2. This start-up company’s original vehicle, the SUV-inspired B1, was popular among enthusiasts and raised plenty of funds; unfortunately though, due to financial issues the venture ultimately collapsed and all reservation deposits for both models (B1 & B2) were returned with full refunds issued as promised by Bollinger B2.

Now the company has reopened, they’re working on bringing back the B2. It promises similar specifications as its original model, such as its dual motor drivetrain capable of going from zero to 60 in under seven seconds and 120-kWh battery pack that should provide an estimated 200-mile range.

Inside EVs reports that its production model will cost approximately $125,000. Other features will include a front pass-through allowing the vehicle to transport objects up to 16 feet long, lockable frunk storage and detachable doors.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

The Chevrolet Silverado EV may resemble a traditional pickup, with one exception – its absence of a driveshaft tunnel allows Chevy to create an accommodating space with an attractive bed that can fit long items.

Chevy packed the truck with an abundance of storage and power outlets, including four 120V and one 240V outlets to run large saws or electric space heaters without draining its battery. Plus, its impressive towing capacity makes this a compelling package.

Silverado EV’s front end stands out from other GM models by featuring thinner bands of LED lights arranged into thinner horizontal strips. It makes an impactful statement when coupled with trapezoidal flourishes and silver trim; additionally, its configurable midgate and tailgate can open wide to accommodate objects up to 10-feet 11-inches long; in crew cab form, three adults can fit inside comfortably; 24-inch wheels provide ample off-road capability; the air suspension system raises up to two inches for improved off-road capability compared with other models; in terms of comfort as well as functionality it makes an impressionful statement about itself!

GMC Sierra EV

GMC is taking a more measured approach to electric vehicle pickups with their 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1, taking on some of the same traits of Chevrolet Silverado EV but in a less bold manner with their own 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1. Available as a crew-cab and featuring up to 400 miles of range thanks to GM’s Ultium battery platform, its Onboard Power Station Pro feature allows owners to use it as portable power source on job sites or powering home essentials for up to 21 days!

The Sierra EV borrows its Midgate configuration from its Silverado EV sibling, enabling additional cargo space. Like many recent GM models, this vehicle features a large 16.8-inch infotainment display as well as a 14-inch heads-up display; additionally GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driver assist system comes standard and trailering capabilities come as part of its package.

Hummer EV SUT

GMC may not have originally planned for Hummer to return, but this SUV/truck hybrid certainly fits the bill! With tough looks and innovative tech features such as WTF mode that lets users simulate 0-60 runs, its rugged appearance sets it apart from other trucks on the road today.

Off-road capabilities of this Hummer are its major selling point, thanks to a torque vectoring e4WD system and four-wheel steering. Terrain and Off-Road modes especially showcase these capabilities, giving the Hummer an athletic, agile feel when cornering.

But the Hummer stands out with its impressive 0-60 time, achieved via a gamified interface and Watts to Freedom mode (which allows a drag run with unbelievable speeds). Plus, 18 camera views and removable roof panels add extra road trip flair.

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